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Paseksan has provided sale and service support for hand tools, machines, ovens and many auxiliary materials used in pastry making since 2006. In addition, it has served with hot sale vehicles which have been the first in the sector-in Turkey.


Paseksan has also inclined toward food sector since 2008, although its main activity field is manufacturing equipments and projects. Of the leader firms in the sector, it includes dealerships of Krater Food and Zambo Beyoğlu Chocolate in its structure.


Electrical Ovens, Gas Ovens, Convection Ovens and please click on for the details…..

Trays and Pans

Baklava Trays, Round Pie Trays, click on for the information on dimensions and models, trays with the dimensions, 34X84 cm and  40X60 cm....


Dough Kneading, Dough Roller, Mixer, Lokma(morsel) Dessert Machine, Peanut Grinder, Onion Chopper, Chocolate Planning, Tea, Food Slicing, Cornet, Bread Slicing, Tulumba(pump), 

Display and Presentation

Torte Plates, Labels, Tongs, Display Covers, Jars, Pastry Model, Counter and Packaging, Trays, Cups…

Preparation Equipment

Auxiliary Hand Tools (Slicers, Rolling Pin, Thin Rolling Pin..), Measuring Beakers (Digital Meters, Syrup Bottle, Sauce Bowl..), Knives (Baklava, Dough…)


Metal Moulds (Aliminium, Stainless , Teflon), Silicone Moulds (Cakes,Tartalette, Decoration), Flexipans, Silpats, Paper Baking Cups (Baton, Muffin), Plastic Moulds (Parfait) 

Raw Products (KRATER, FO)

Piskede, Sarlot, Filling, Cake Mix, Additive, Jelly, Sugar Dough, Fruit Basis, Topping, Icecream Base Product

Chocolate Group (ZAMBO)

Chocolate Block&Compound Chocolate Block, Pralin (waffle sauce), Counter Products,
Dragee, Madlen, Chocolate Drops –Chips, Ganache


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